High-quality reviews on enacted policies

PolicyCON is a subscription-based policy review digital platform that opens public/organisational policies to a diverse range of industry experts, working professionals, researchers, campaigners, activists, and other interested parties, allowing an honest critique from multiple perspectives in a controlled and safe environment. 


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Who is PolicyCON made for?

Who is or can be a PolicyCON Analyst?

PolicyCON Analyst is an independent individual or institution who still believes we can fix the world regardless of how complex it might seem.

A PolicyCON Analyst:

  • Can be an academic researcher, working professional, Activist, Campaigner, Pensioner, or Individual whose lived or Professional experience can positively inform policymaking.
  • Love to use their experiences and expertise to advise Policymakers and corporations on policies of interest.


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Whom is PolicyCON aiming to serve?
A PolicyCON Subscriber believes that all voices must count to create a genuine inclusive policymaking environment. They are willing to subscribe to multiple PolicyCON analysts reviewing policies of their interest to ensure that diverse voices inform their policy-based decisions.

PolicyCON Subscribers:

  • have found the mainstream media and the think tanks to be very biased in their reporting, with individual policy analysts needing more freedom and independence to provide an honest policy review devoid of corporate control.
  • are policymakers who want to develop public policies that are inclusive and informed by diverse voices with diverse interests.
  • are organisations that would like to engage analysts with different biases to understand their varied perspectives and analysis of policies of their interest to inform their policy-based decisions.
  • are curious people who would like to move beyond reading a review to engaging in continuous discussions with diverse analyst(s) of interest to explore their takes and ask questions.


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